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Thrills of summer


For anyone looking to get a rush of adrenaline from way up high, Michigan’s Adventure is the place to go.

Whether it’s zipping around rollercoaster tracks or hitting a skate park, West Michigan has options in store for all amusement seekers.

The Muskegon-area amusement park opens for the 2013 season on May 22 and the water park opens May 25.

If taking a plunge gets your blood pumping, you might be interested in cruising around the tracks of Shivering Timbers, Thunderhawk or the Wolverine Wildcat. Or you could soar the skies with the RipCord.

AMUSEMENT PARADISE BACKGROUND PHOTO ThunderHawkGP_176Those interested in cooling down from a summertime sizzling heat wave might enjoy splashing friends with bumper boats, riding Logger’s Run, Commotion Ocean or swirling down the Funnel of Fear.

If kick-flipping your way through summer is more your style, Mulligan’s Hollow Skate Park offers skaters the chance to hone their skills.

While the park is closed during the winter months, it opened for the season in March and is now accessible every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The 13,000-square-foot concrete park has a quarter pipe, rails, two sets of five stairs and one seven-stair rail.

For those looking to jump into a bouncing paradise, the Crazy Bounce in Holland and the Kangaroo Palace in Norton Shores offer year-round fun with inflatable bounce houses.


Don’t forget to put-put your way to greatness or zoom a go-cart around the tracks this summer. Among the best in the area for this kind of family or date-night fun is Craig’s Cruisers at the U.S. 31 and Pontaluna Road intersection.

Chinook Pier’s miniature golf along the Grand Haven waterfront is also a great little course that fits tidily into your warm-weather plans.