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Fall Golf


Local courses provide great golf, scenery


By Nich Wolak


West Michigan is known for its beauty, and perhaps at no time of the year is it more beautiful than the fall.


The fall is also the last time you can get out the clubs in our great state unless you’re a particularly battle-hardened golfer. Here are some of the best area courses to get one of your last games of the year in, and take in the beauty of a West Michigan fall.


Fruitport Golf Club

6330 Harvey St., Fruitport Township

“It’s well groomed,” said assistant manager Dave Lautenschlaeger. “They keep the fairways plush and the greens are wonderful. …  I’ve never had a complaint. … (As a matter of fact) I’ve heard a lot of people say they like our greens the best.”


Grand Haven Golf Club

Grand Haven Golf Club

1700 Lincoln St., Grand Haven Township

“We have beautiful contours and natural sand,” said Kirk Sherman, the director of golf.  What is probably the most important thing is all of the mature trees. … It’s absolutely stunning. …. In the fall you get the colors out there – the yellows, the reds and the oranges. ….  With the rain you get the greenness of the grass, and there’s a great contrast with the fall colors.”


Oakridge Golf Course

513 W. Pontaluna Road, Norton Shores

“It’s so old, and we’ve maintained a lot of the old-style layout and all the old trees that are on it,” said general manager Carla Grossnickle of the course that was constructed in the late 1920s.


Spring Lake Country Club

Spring Lake Country Club

17496 N. Fruitport Road, Spring Lake

“Our golf courses beauty is mix of a lot of different things,” general manager Kevin Green said. “We have focused on keeping a lot of the natural, native plants and grasses throughout the golf course. That in and of itself creates a lot of beauty. But then we have some flower beds out there (too) that are pretty amazing. We’re audubon-certified, so we’ve taken a lot of different steps along the way to make sure that we’re doing the right things for nature, to create that sanctuary for wildlife in the area. You see a lot of wildlife out there.”


Terra Verde Golf Course

Terra Verde Golf Course

11741 W. Leonard St., Nunica

“There are a lot of trees and we’ve got these beautiful red hibiscus flowers,” said employee Amy Cunningham.  “On the back nine there’s a really big pond that has a long bridge that goes over it. I work every Friday morning, and my favorite part of coming in is to see the sunrise in the east. I’ve seen a lot of sunrises in my day, and that one is my favorite by far.”


West Ottawa Golf Club

6045 136th Ave., Holland Township

“We’ve always been known as having some of the best greens in West Michigan,” said co-owner Joe Sruba. “The course is always in nice shape. One of our significant holes is our 18th hole, which is a dog-leg right. It has a big oak tree that you have to clear to get to the green.”